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October 9, 2023

Media Release: ScribeFax Announced

The following media bulletin was released 10/9/2023.

Database Reveals Hidden Clinician Fax Numbers


ScribeFax™, comprehensive database of fax numbers for physicians, physician assistants, dentists and other prescribing clinicians, is now available from CarePrecise LLC, a vendor of authoritative healthcare provider data. ScribeFax is created using advanced data mining, compiling monthly updates from millions of clinician, clinic, and other medical facility records to reveal hard-to-find fax numbers.


CarePrecise LLC, a supplier of healthcare provider data since 2008, has announced the release version of ScribeFax™, the company’s comprehensive database of U.S. physicians, dentists, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, and other prescribing clinicians’ fax numbers. The enhanced clinician fax database has graduated from beta to full production version, and is now available for download from the company’s web site.

ScribeFax is a unique resource, offering not only fax numbers reported by physicians and others, but also correct fax numbers to replace tens of thousands of unreported, hidden, incorrect, or obfuscated numbers. The database also includes the complete public NPI registry data, including robust contact information, specialties and licenses, in a format that can be easily used in ordinary database software, such as Access, part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, FileMaker Pro, or any of the database management software like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or other database systems.

Healthcare providers self-report their fax numbers to the NPI Registry, where they become part of the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) federal database. Fax numbers are not a required data point, and many providers choose not to report them, fearing abuse. This causes problems for businesses needing to communicate vital information to clinicians, including health plans, electronic prescription transmission services, and suppliers. Contacting by phone to request a fax number wastes many thousands of hours, making the ScribeFax directory an essential tool for fax communications.

In preparing each monthly update to ScribeFax, CarePrecise uses a testing methodology to flag the “good” and “bad” fax numbers, and adding new correct numbers found using advanced data mining technology. “Bad” numbers are included so that users can clean their in-house data. Where multiple fax numbers are found for a single medical practitioner, a prioritization scheme determines the best number to ensure correct delivery.

ScribeFax, like the company’s related product, the ScriptFax™ enhanced pharmacy fax database, is designed to save millions of hours of manual fax number collection across the healthcare industry, and has found wide adoption even in its beta version. Both products are now in full release, and are available for immediate download at Subscriptions to monthly or quarterly updated releases are available.

Michael Christopher, Partner and Chief Data Analyst
CarePrecise LLC
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
877-782-2294 x9