May 7, 2012

Download the Health Plan Database

CarePrecise announced today the release of a new health plan database product. Containing nearly 3,900 health plan records and more than 600 health insurance companies' names, addresses, phones and email addresses, the CarePrecise Health Plan Database offers the most recently updated information available on U.S. health plans.

The initial product offering is a straightforward, downloadable, virtually unlimited use* database, priced at $199.00. Future expansion of the health plan data project will see the addition of normalized components such as health plan contract details, county coverage, exhaustive provider network connections, and a Spanish language option.

Uses for the database include research, data hygiene projects and marketing applications.

*Review the product EULA here.

The Sunshine List

As lawmakers continue to push CMS to implement the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, and CMS mildly demurs out of concern that drug and equipment manufacturers won't be able to comply any time soon, CarePrecise has been busy getting prepared for a run on the databank.

As most of the players are beginning to realize, an accurate and up-to-date source of provider information will be a necessity in reporting payments properly. The CarePrecise master provider list contains all the hooks required to positively identify specific providers, and connects provider licensing and NPI numbers to such pertinent information as PECOS enrollment, Medicare billing eligibility, and the Office of Inspector General's excluded providers database. The current version of the CarePrecise Access Complete database identifies multiple providers practicing at a single location, using super-conformed location coding.

Sunshine Incoming

CarePrecise can process incoming lists of payments to providers using the advanced record-linking technology we use to build our master databases. Whether companies have NPI numbers or not, our system can use other data to identify payees.

CarePrecise data is already in use is installations where states have various types of Sunshine laws in place, and where organizations are preparing for the federal act to take effect. When we can all finally see who's paying what to whom (to whatever extent that will be truly possible), CarePrecise data will be part of this vital next step in controlling healthcare costs and abuses of influence.