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February 9, 2023

Who's Speaking Up for Universal Healthcare? Well, ChatGPT for One

I've been enjoying reading Michael Mann's remarkable newsletter, "Planetary Health First Mars Next," available via LinkedIn. In today's issue, he asked ChatGPT what we could do to fix healthcare. The first response was to increase funding for medical research. The second and final response was to improve access to healthcare "by reducing the cost of insurance, expanding Medicaid, or creating a universal healthcare system."

He also got it to provide an extremely clear explanation of the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

I might have to change my mind about that little robot.

The newsletter also posted a link to a presentation by Russell Robbins, Chief Medical Information Officer at PurpleLab, discussing SDOH's impact on prescription medications, going beyond the conventional fill, reversal, and denial rates to address the harder-to-measure root causes through the lens of social determinants that underlie the missed med problem.

I've got a strong recommend rating on one of the smartest newsletters around. PurpleLab also looks like a cool company.