August 15, 2013

HIPAA-Covered Providers Top 4 million

With the August, 2013 data release, a new milestone has been reached in the U.S. healthcare industry. There are now 4,021,049 healthcare providers covered under HIPAA, of which 900,126 are physicians.

Over 1 million entities, mostly physicians and physician groups, are enrolled to bill Medicare, according to the PECOS Ordering and Referring report.

Added just this month were 30,578 new NPI records. Over the past 60 days, changes were made by healthcare providers on 127,972 NPI records.

The CarePrecise Access Complete dataset includes all of these records.

August 10, 2013

Physician Payment Data Is Coming

A Friday article in Modern Physician states that, despite vigorous protests from physician organizations against releasing physician-specific data on Medicare payments, "the dike appears to be crumbling."

Public release of payment information has been prohibited by a 1979 court injunction. But on March 31 the injunction was vacated by U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard, and the way is now legally clear to release doctors' payment data. The challenge now is to settle on a method of dissemination that protects patient privacy.

CMS also plans to release physician quality data soon, as required by law - another action opposed by physician groups. In July, CarePrecise released new components that link the CarePrecise Access Complete U.S. healthcare provider database directly to the forthcoming physician payment and quality data, to facilitate value computation, healthcare delivery research, consumer advocacy and other applications. Hospital quality data is also linked through the new components, which comprise the Extended Professional, Group and Hospital (EPGH) dataset, including relational key crosswalks between all of the relevant datasets. CarePrecise specializes in bringing healthcare provider data from multiple silos together into a single dataset, and is the only source for these combined data at the present time.