September 21, 2011

Nifty Licensing Agency Contact Resource

Want to know who the various healthcare provider licensing entities are for a given state? Palmetto GBA has made that a piece of cake now. Their new database of licensing requirements (primarily for use by DME suppliers) includes the licensing bodies for each state. For example, here's what they show for New York:

1)New York State Board of Pharmacy
Phone: 518-474-3817 extension 130 extension 130
- Registered Pharmacy Establishment Certificate
2)New York State Board of Pharmacy, Office of the Professions
Phone: 518-474-3817 extension 250 extension 250
- Ophthalmic Dispenser License
3)New York State Board of Respiratory Therapy
Phone: 518-474-3817 extension 120 extension 120
- Respiratory Therapist
4)New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions
Phone: 518-474-3817 extension 591 extension 591
- Optometrist License
- Physician License
5)New York Department of Health
Phone: 518-402-1016
- Ambulatory Surgical Center
- Home Health License
- Hospital License
- Nursing Home Administrator License
- Nursing Home License

Another table shows the type of provider with a link to the number (as listed above), and still another nifty feature lets you choose a healthcare product or service from a dropdown, and jumps you to a listing of the various licensing requirements. Kudos!

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