December 29, 2022

Hospital Affiliations for U.S. Clinicians

Just a couple of months ago you could get relatively good data on physician and other clinician hospital affiliations on the Physician Compare website. Well, then CMS went and changed the data! They removed the hospital name, address, phone and all other hospital data except for the CCN number (CCN stands for "CMS Certification Number," and it is the unique identifier used to link clinicians to the hospitals they are affiliated with). 

Take back your hospital data

CMS dropping the hospital data means that you can't just download the physician downloadable file anymore, and get the associated hospital info. There's a solution. You can download a whole bunch of other files from across the CMS online universe, and piece together some CCN-to-hospital data. (The Hospital Compare general hospital information data is woefully incomplete.) This takes a LOT of work. CarePrecise has long been accessing these resources and "knows where the bodies are buried," as they say. We do the work of locating and aggregating millions of rows of data every month, including tens of thousands of rows of specifically hospital data, gleaning all sorts of valuable information for our customers to gain the business insights they seek. Our CarePrecise Advanced contains the links between the physicians and other clinicians with their practice groups, clinics, hospital affiliations, and much more. 

More facilities than just hospitals

In fact, instead of just the links with 7,000+ hospitals, we now include linkage with nearly 40,000 facilities of all sorts, including dialysis centers, outpatient hospital services, clinics, long-term care facilities, rehab facilities, as well as the inpatient hospitals we've included in the past. The information includes the facility name, type, physical address, phone, and much more. Depending on the CarePrecise data package you choose, you can even view the facility's contact person, title, an NPI rollup (NPI-to-CCN crosswalk), quality measures, outpatient procedure volumes, MSA/CBSA, precise geocoding (latitude and longitude), and the new Placekey for integrating our data with other POI ("Point of Interes") data available across dozens of data suppliers.

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