October 14, 2010

Ingenix Buys Even Deeper Provider Position

Nobody much thinks of Ingenix as a provider-centric company. As one of the cleverest helpmates to the payer side, providers might wonder at the company's sincerity in the provider vendor space. But a look at recent Ingenix acquisitions over recent months reveals a striking shift. Acquiring four companies serving the provider health IT market, Ingenix further expanded a portfolio that has been growing more provider-side for over a year now. The company claims that about 50% of its revenue now comes from the provider market, making it a significant provider vendor, despite its ownership by UnitedHealth Group. The recent acquisitions include A-Life Medical, Picis, Axolotl and Executive Health Resources. Over the past year, QualityMetric and CareMedic fell under the Ingenix umbrella. SaaS-based ambulatory EMR vendor LighthouseMD, now marketed as CareTracker, was purchased in 2007.

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