February 10, 2023

AI Stumbles and Soars in Science and Healthcare

CarePrecise is all about hard, authoritative, verified provider data, so it's odd I find myself again talking about Artificial Intelligence in the science and healthcare space. But the stories keep coming in.

This time my source is 
Samantha Holvey's excellent healthcare IT newsletter, Whealth Care (available via LinkedIn). I know Samantha's work from her years with the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), an industry collaborative to support and implement data standards in healthcare. Her weekly post offers a concise, insightful index to the most significant stories in HIT,  spanning government, research, and industry developments.

Google's $100 Billion Software Glitch

The first story that popped out was how, oops!, #Alphabet shares dropped $100 billion (not a typo) when a demo of its new #ChatGPT rival, #Bard, pulled a Hindenberg landing on an international stage.

Developers will soon be looking for an exoplanet to hide behind. 

Oh, the robotity.

ClosedLoop Gets KLASsy, Again

The Best in KLAS rankings for 2023 are out, with  #ClosedLoop claiming 2023 Best in KLAS gold in the Healthcare Artificial Intelligence: Data Science Solutions category. Industry heavyweight Epic came in a distant second. ClosedLoop repeats its 2022 win, with enviable scores.

ClosedLoop...earned an A+ or A in all customer experience areas: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value.

"Further, 100 percent of customers surveyed said that ClosedLoop 'avoids charging for every little thing' and keeps all promises. About 96 percent said they would buy its solution again."

(But We Have a Better Halftime Show)

Sounds like they are gunning for our own pledge of Fanatical Support. Hope they don't hire Beyoncé to screen their calls.

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